By Any Other Name: An Exploration of Afro-Amerindian Heritage

is a documentary film directed by Steven D. Gayle that discusses the interactions between Africans and American Indians from in the United States, with an emphasis on the state of Georgia in the 18th through the 20th Centuries.


By Any Other Name discusses how various historical events, past documentation methods and sociological perspectives have understated the existence of non-reservation, tribally unrecognized and culturally unaffiliated groups of people of mixed African and Native American ancestry.

The film has a genealogical component as filmmaker, Steven D. Gayle will also documents his own family history. Using his family background and process of discovery as a framework, By Any Other Name hopes to shed new light on the complex racial history of the United States, broadening the historical conversations of African Americans and Native Americans alike. 

WINNER of BEST FEATURE at the Warsaw Ave. Film Festival, and Recipient of the FistUp Film Festival's INVENTOS AWARDBy Any Other Name: An Exploration of Afro-Amerindian Heritage aims to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to take a newfound interest in history and genealogical research, and motivate others to re-define and explore their own identities and heritage.




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By Any Other Name: An Exploration of Afro-Amerindian Heritage 

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